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A second wave of incoming raiders

Later that afternoon we had a seconds scramble as another formation of JU87s was spotted heading our way. We were given just enough time to get most of the way to their altitude before they arrived and luckily it turned out our airfield was not the target so we gave chase.

I soon caught up with a trailing pair and gave a burst of 12.7mm at 450m and managed to get one of them leaking and dropping back where I was able to get in close and do further damage before butting a 37mm shell into his fuselage and kill the pilot.

I had to turn aside to avoid hitting my victim so dropped behind the remaining three but as they are so slow I soon caught up and opened fire on my next victim and again managed some good engine damage and silenced the gunner.

They all scattered but I stayed with him putting more Mg & cannon fire into him before watching the pilot bail out. The gunner was obviously dead or badly wounded.

As he had dived the same way as one of his colleagues I was able to quickly switch to the next victim and put several bursts into him as he tried to dive away then when he was close and steady my 37mm took his wing off.

Unfortunately, as I had been damaged by debris just a little earlier, I chopped the throttle to avoid the tumbling wing and broke my driveshaft, damn these Western engines! Luckily the fight had taken place right over our sister field so I had plenty of altitude and energy to get there safely and did not make the mistake again of trying to get back to home base.

I had a little scare on approach as I could not seem to get rid of enough energy to land even with sideslipping then I realised that in my panic I had forgotten to lower the wheels and with a dead engine there had been no warning horn. I was able to get the gear down just in time and the emergency landing turned into a textbook landing on the numbers.

Three bomber kills gave me a nice bonus and I was able to give my poor ground crew a bottle of good vodka each to say sorry for making them spend most of the night replacing my broken drive shaft then send most of the rest home to my dear Zuzanka.

Tags: dead engine, p39
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