roblex56raf (roblex56raf) wrote,

Clearing The Traffic Jam

Early this morning we received word that an armoured convoy was on its way to  Akhtanizovskaya which would likely allow the Germans to retake the bridge and break through to Golubitskaya.  We were told to make sure they never arrived.

Unfortunately all our bombers were en-route to another target so I was sent in an A20 recently loaned to us by Britain and still in its Maritime Patrol colours that we had not had time to re-paint.

I took off immediately and headed straight for the town.

It seemed I had arrived barely in time as the convoy was only a few miles outside the city so I dove in immediately with guns blazing to try to keep the AAA busy while I dropped my bombs.  I think I took them by surprise because there was no return fire and I was able to take out two of the AA towards the rear.

On my second run one of the AAA vehicles managed to get setup and return fire but not until I had already destroyed several more vehicles.

I made one more pass destroying the remaining AAA vehicle and some more tanks then turned for home, diving to the tree tops, before any fighters could interfere.

I kept to the land to avoid being so easy to see in this outrageous colour scheme and made a detour West before heading South to Anestasievskya airfield and safety.

Final tally:  Five tanks and five AAA vehicles destroyed and one tank crippled out of thirteen original vehicles.

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