roblex56raf (roblex56raf) wrote,

Defending The Airbase

We had a spate of small raids on the nearby tank base this morning so I was sent up to see if I could catch one and teach them a lesson.   

I had barely been up a few minutes when Volcano called me up to say that fighter bombers had been spotted coming towards the airfield from the North and for me to come back urgently!   I did a quick 180 and thirty seconds later spotted our AA targeting a Bf110 that had dropped it's bombs and was escaping undamaged.

There only seemed to be one so I assume the gunners did something right for a change. I dived in and gave a good burst from close range as I passed and was rewarded by a nice trail of vapour and oil from both engines and left wing.

He was pretty much crippled now but I did not want to give him the chance to drop any remaining bombs on the field and limp back to his own lines which were pretty close so I came in for a second pass.

I could see now that his right engine had stopped but his left was still running and he had just dumped his remaining bombs so I was right to follow up.

He had dropped his remaining bombs over the town as I came down which was unfortunate and then after I took out his remaining engine he crashed into houses a little further on which was even worse.  I hope they were good workers who were busy in the fields or the factory helping the war effort.

I then returned to the base immediately to re-arm ready to defend us again.

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