roblex56raf (roblex56raf) wrote,

Defending Velikie Luki

Today I was patrolling Velikie Luki alone.  There had been several attacks earlier by lone bombers and there were fires burning in the city.  A couple of fighters from another squadron were also patrolling and I was supposed to be  off duty but they needed help and the rest of the squadron was off on a mission so I was sent up in the only Yak we had,  one that had been repainted to be sent to Britain for evaluation.

I climbed to 6000m and soon spotted a 109 below, presumably part of a sweep for later bombers and I dived in and caught him unaware.

He began twisting & turning but his fate was sealed and I continued to pick him apart before taking off one of his ailerons then damaging his engine.

With his potential threat now nullified I backed off and allowed him to ditch then headed home as I had used all my cannon ammo.

Arriving back at the field I saw a HS129 had just set one of our buildings alight and was heading away while more Yaks climbed to pursue him.

Watching him carefully I entered the circuit and lowered my undercarriage expecting the AAA and the defending yaks to keep him busy but he could not resist the chance to attack while I was low & slow and turned back to dive towards me.

I quickly raised my undercarriage again and avoided his attack with ease due to our differences in speeds and as he ran away with a Yak on his tail I quickly lowered the undercarriage again and put down as fast as I could.

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