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30th January - Catching the train

Todays mission was to find a locomotive.  Intelligence had information that a new engine was on the way to replace one destroyed earlier this week.   If it gets to its destination it will pick up three AAA carriages before continuing on its way very well defended so our aim was to find it fast.  Red flight comprised myself and Sticks with Cina leading, Blue was Phoenix and Talisman and Green was Boot and Klem

Everyone else were in Spit IXs but mine had not arrived yet so I was in a Spit V with no bombs.

At the IP all three flights separated to find the train quickly but we were lucky enough to find it first and dive in.

Cina made the first attack but misjudged the speed of the train as we were not used to attacking one with no carriages to slow it down so his bombs blew behind the train.

Sticks went next and left it slightly later to drop but still dropped behind it.

As soon as stickz was clear I dove in myself to see if I could do anything with my guns to slow it down.

I got hits but could not see him slowing.

As I pulled out Sticks went back in himself with guns

The train came to a stop 5 seconds later, whether from damage or the crew deciding to take cover, and I made one more attack scoring good solid hits all over and seeing the steam stop. The train was destroyed.

Meanwhile Boot and Klem had arrived and used their bombs to good effect on the Station before joining us on our egress to the RV point.

At the RV we picked up Phoenix & Talisman and turned North East to check our own targets before returning to base. Cina had engine problems just then and turned directly for the base and Boot took over.  A few minutes later we heard that the Germans were attacking a target in grid 11-17 which was our current location so Boot ordered us to look out for them.  Looking down we saw two JU88 bombers near the ground and Boot ordered us all to attack.   I saw Boot going after one so I attacked the other and on my second pass got his engine smoking then after a good third pass I saw him pull up, drop all his bombs then spiral in.  Seconds before he hit my own engine developed problems and I missed the impact before going back to base.  Boot got his bomber too then spotted 109s up high and unfortunately we now had no high cover and Talisman was attacked and badly damaged.  He managed to evade them but then started running North saying he was heading home. He must have had a damaged radio because despite repeated messages to say he was going the wrong way and should turn East, he kept heading North and Phoenix was forced to stay with him. Soon after, he ditched and Phoenix turned for home. He was now unsure of where he was but we advised him to head 100 and try to pick up the river which runs SE and would take him home.  This worked and the rest of the squadron RTB'd safely.

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