One that could have been done faster.

This afternoon Boot led out Stickz and myself on a combat patrol from Klin to Solodilovo.

We were just getting low on fuel when we spotted flack firing at something then it stopped.  When we turned towards the field we saw a contact and moved to investigate but  as we got closer Boot said he had lost sight of the contact. I must have had a better angle and could still see him so Boot told me to dive in and they would follow.

It was a 109F4 which I watched make a single pass on the field and shoot up a parked plane but then he appeared to spot us and he climbed away with me trying to catch up.  I was perhaps 600m behind and did not seem to be gaining so I tried a long burst to see if I could make him panic.

It worked better than I expected as he must have thought I was closer and cut his throttle before going into a diving turn.

I was now able to cut the corner and get to within a few hundred metres and as he tried to climb again I got some shots into his wings & tail and he started trailing coolant.

There then followed a twisty chase lasting what seemed to me to be several minutes with me only getting  few chances to take shots.  At one point I thought he was going to get away as I had been using Boost since I first dived in and thought I would have to turn it off again. I told the others that if either of them though they had enough E to get closer than me then give it a go but Boot told me to carry on. Perhaps he realised that the fight had not been going on as long as it seemed to me and I had plenty of Boost left. 

Eventually as a result of more small hits, or maybe just continued engine stress, the leaking fluids turned darker and the 109s engine started to fail

I watched him descend to try to crash land but his engine stopped and the only ground in front did not have the room so, barely missing some trees,  he put it down and slid on his nose into a small copse.  

I made a pass over the copse and he appeared relatively undamaged considering where he was.

We continued the patrol for another 5 minutes but apart from seeing what we thought was  Bf110 that turned out to be a Pe-2 it was uneventful and we returned to Klin.


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