One kill that could have been three if I was a better pilot.

Because of a lot of activity over our tank base near steparcevo,  Cina & I were sent up from Alferevo to try to help.

Half way to Steparcevo we were ordered to return as there was a 109 attacking our airfield.  Sure enough as we approached we could see the field AA chasing a lone 109.  I dived in and tried a deflection shot but missed him. Cina tried as well but also missed as the 109 was twisting & turning while we were fast. The cheeky bugger turned back to make another attack on the airfield. You could call him brave  but I call it stupid as I was now behind him with more energy as he climbed away.

 As he slowed at the top of his climb I put a good burst into him and he tumbled away streaming smoke.

I turned after him in case he had any more cheeky tricks but pulled up again when I saw his engine was dead. He landed heavily in the next field and was quickly taken prisoner by the airfield guards.

Turning back North we resumed our patrol and just before we reached our tank base I spotted a contact flying away from it towards the German airfield at Solodilovo.  It had to be German so we gave chase.   As we slowly caught up we saw it was a 190 with an empty bomb rack so had obviously just been bombing our tanks.  He did not seem to see us and just as I was getting in range he lowered his undercarriage to land at Solodilovo!

Seconds later I opened fire but he was still oblivious despite the fact that the airfield was now shooting at me and I could hear the explosions around me. Even if he did not hear them he should have seen the black puffs of smoke.

I did not kill him with my first burst but his engine was now ruined and he ws descending. I decided to leave him alone as Cina had spotted a JU88 flying away from the field and was turning to give chase but there was also a 109 that had just taken off and was following Cina on his low 8.

Cina dove on the Ju88, dealing fatal damage but the 109 followed him down and then climbed with him and tried to get a hit while I tried to get an angle on the 109. 

Meanwhile the 190 I damaged earlier managed to land at the airfield while we were busy.  Never mind,   I don't think the plane was going to fly again.

I managed to get a hit on the 109 before he could get Cina and that was enough to make him break off and dive away.

..but in the twisty low speed fight that followed I did something stupid, something that nearly cost me my life in a Mig-3 a few months ago

I tried to perform what was basically a split-S when I was low and slow. I hit the ground,  luckily at a shallow enough angle that was not seriously hurt though I had a scalp wound that bled into my eyes.  I was able to get out and hide, first setting the plane on fire so they would assume I was inside while I stole a car to get back to my lines.

Cina, who had also made a couple of passes on the 109, decided this would be a good time to escape as more fighters were now leaving the airfield.


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